Ken OmersaThis is Ken Omersa’s wine blog, a scientist and a qualified sommelier.

Wine can be a passion, and I was fortunate to be bitten at a tender age, whilst a student at Cambridge University. Almost 40 years on, I have drunk many wonderful wines, as well as the not so wonderful. Wine is not my full time occupation, but I do trade in top-end wine. Have a look at my website, if you are interested.

I trained as a scientist, a chemist as well as a material scientist, and curiosity has helped my enjoyment, as well as understanding.

My experience running a wine appreciation society, as well as attending many others, has led me to write this blog. It aims to explain the how, what, and why of wine. No knowledge of wine or science is needed, just an interest.

Do email if you want me to cover a particular topic. If it is too technical to be covered in a blog, I may just email you back.